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12 Dec

Thanks to another secret blogger I’ve been reunited with my blog once more! Meg has a blog/diary that nobody in her real life reads.
Currently I have 8 more months of nursing school and tons of work to do! Instead I’m watching Young Victoria and loom knitting some hats for gifts. And of course now I’m writing here. ūüôā But, now it’s time to go to bed.


Here is my 3 year old!!!! She is amazing.



7 Sep

Today has seen a break in the insane and hot weather. And it magically feels like FALL and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been looking at Halloween decorations all day and costume/decorating ideas. Martha Stewart’s blog had some great pumpkins that you drill holes into and then fill the pumpkin with Christmas lights, which¬†was gorgeous. I’d link it but it wasn’t there just now when I was looking for it, but here is a tiny pic of it :¬†¬†¬†¬†I have found so many cool things in blogland¬†recently I’m tickled, dunno why I was gone so long other than school, my daughter, my husband, my house.¬† See ya soon


6 Sep

Its been nearly a year since I’ve been here. I’m ashamned. I’ve been going to school though. And raising my daughter whom I love more than air. I’ve got 11 more months of school ( eek!). We are currently in Pharmacology and I’ve got an A. I hardly think I will be able to maintain is but for now its very nice to be able to say so. And my daughter!!! She is growing and talking and is the¬†reason I was born.¬†For example :

She loves this ballerina doll I purchased from Etsy :o)

I’ve been doing some sewing between tests. I’ve made stethoscope¬†covers and leg warmers. nothing too crazy or time-consuming. However, one of the lovely ladies¬†whose blog¬†I follow¬†over at ( hyperlink doesn’t want to work, my apologies) has joined in a sew along that looks almost to good to pass up. It requires me to get a book…… but other than having no money to spend on a sewing book, I think I’m going to join. Which means….. more posts from me!!! So hopefully I will see you more often in the near future.



9 Nov

So the time is quickly approaching. My daughter’s 2nd birthday is almost here! And I can’t wait. I’ve started hand making decorations, thank goodness so many of t he blogs I read have helpful decorating ideas because I do NOT have money to splurge on decorations this year. As it is my daughter is only receiving handmade items from her dear old mom and dad.¬† However, I will have some cute stuff to show and share. I’d show you now, but I think the birthday girl should get it before the rest of the world. But here’s a hint : Babalisme¬†helped me!!¬†¬† So see you in a few days with a bunch of pics!! Back to making decorations for me!


31 Oct

Just imagine me saying that like the kid from The Sandlot. I promise I have been doing stuff and will write about it soon. For anybody out there who stuck around.

Better, Much Better

21 Sep

I’ve now started my 2nd week of class, and though it’s not as if class is getting any easier I’m adjusting. My wonderful incredible ridiculous child spends 4 nights a week with my parents and she loves it, as do they. In a perfect world I think I would spend my life having lots of babies, hire an Alice ( ala The Brady Bunch) and spend my life homeschooling and nurturing my children’s creativity, humor, self-¬†esteem, and confidence. To make sure that they become happy, healthy, well adjusted adults, and not drains on society.

But that is in MY perfect world, in this one I have my wonderful little girl and….. I need to get my ass to work.¬†

¬†Tonight I need to make a vegan cake w/icing so the other girls and I can “margarine”¬† our teacher up ( get it? get it?¬†she’s vegan and doesn’t eat butter? ).¬† Make another cake , one of the others girls’ birthday is tomorrow, do homework, finish this post, and get my ass to bed. We will see how much of that I get accomplished. Wish me luck!


11 Sep

As if my posts weren’t sporadic enough I recently ( Tuesday) decided to go to school. And I start MONDAY! I’m going to be a nurses aide til Cali gets a little older and I can go to real nursing school. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and when I finally decided they said we have a class starting NOW. So I jumped right in. I’m very exciting and feeling that at 28 maybe I’m going to be an adult after all. And that no matter what life is planning on throwing at me I will be able to support my daughter and myself.
And while I’m very excited about my step forward in life, the rest of my life.. is not so bright. Goodnight