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1 Nov

This year for Halloween on top of being incredibly broke I was also incredibly busy. So Cali wore this:

A store bought pair of wings and tutu ( why a store bought tutu when I love making them so much?? They came as a set )

                                      And this: Her Christmas dress, when it got too cold to wear just tights.

I didn’t really dress up. Cali went on a quick     Trick or Treat around the cul-de-sac before she could freeze too much. And then she spent the night greeting all the other kids at the door saying what sounded like ” Bubble Tree” as trick or treat. She was very excited and very into the whole thing. She was sweet and only managed to steal 1 tiny SweetTart without us noticing.

The pumpkin that Cali picked and painted in the last post was transformed.

Apparently all of my pics are going to be all over this post and not where I would like them so please forgive me.  

I haven’t carved a pumpkin in forever so I was pretty happy with how it turned out. We toasted the pumpkin seeds and Cali loved munching on them. I was surprised, also reluctant to share lol.  

There have been so many things going on that I have to confess that Cali ( and I ) have been watching too much TV. We use to watch 1 hour of Sesame Street a day and that was it. And then I needed some study time so it got bumped to 2, and then I started turning it on in the morning, and now it stays on all day! I feel like a huge failure on the Limiting TV front. I hope to get back to the swing ( swing of hitting the OFF button) TODAY. I am making my Halloween resolution NOW lol. Less TV. Poor Kid, she wont know what hit her.


Pause button?

1 Nov

I’d like a pause button very much. I need an additional 3 hours of sleep a night.  A lot has been going on, but most of it has been good. I’ll start about 4 weeks ago and work my way forward.

My little baby LOVES animals. I know this is in no way unique to her, but as a treat, we went to a farm a few weekends ago. Theres a local farm named Snead’s Farm and in addition to tours they also have a really cool direct from the farm produce plan that I would love to participate in sometime soon. Cali loved seeing the calves, horses, dogs, hayride  you name it. She picked her own pumpkin and painted it!  It was nice, but I was more than ready to go at the 2 hour mark. 

My husband and my brother have come back from California. They really enjoyed their shorter than expected stay. They underestimated how difficult it would be for 2 guys without college degrees or a huge bank account to live out in Northern California. I knew it would be difficult but I didn’t want to be the person blamed for standing in the way of their dreams. So I was just as helpful as I could be.  

I’m about to start my last week of clinicals, then a few mandatory study days, and then we take our certification test. And I’m already looking at when I can start school again. But since my husband would like to move in the next 6 months theres no way I can start an RN program where I am. So we shall see.

We’ve also been moving our house around to hopefully give us more living space. No pics of this disgraceful mess as of yet. And also spending some family time together.

Don’t you love the face she’s making? Yeah, she doesnt look like that really.  And now, a Halloween post.


5 Sep

Cali and I at the top of the monument for fallen soldiers


This has turned into All Adventures No Creating hasn’t it?! Oh well sorry, add your complaints to the comments ;oP .     

Today we went to Gettysburg. If you haven’t noticed, my family ( except my darling husband) is into history. Gettysburg was the site of a major win for the Union army during the civil war. It’s located in Pennsylvania but only about 1 hour north of DC.   

Here’s the part where a throw a bunch of pics from the trip up and maybe explain 2, so here you go :o)   

Cali on the drive , with her dino neck pillow. Which she normally hates to wear.At " The Devil's Den"


That castle is a monument to fallen soldiers


We saw a great movie about the war in the wonderful new visitor’s center with the cyclorama show it was very entertaining. We saw only about 200 monuments a plaques and the like of various historically significant things in and around the park. I learned a lot, and will probably forget it knowing my brain. I’d like to tell you more, but my midget is in need of her bed. So away I go.

p.s. I don’t know why this posted so strangely , will try to fix after bedtime.


2 Sep

You know, sometimes it happens that you go on vacation and by the time youre headed home, you are SO READY to be home? Cali and I had a great time but both of us are glad to be back.

My husband joined us for a few days and apparently I only got 1 picture of him, and its his back. Oh well. We spent lots of time with my husbands family, we were there for 12 days and he was there for 3.  The 4th day Cali and I went off with my father in law and we went to the Leelanau lighthouse. We hunted around for some Petosky stones ( stones with fossil imprints famous to the region). It was great to get out and see how pretty the area really is! I’ve spent some good years in Northern California and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tahoe/Carmel/Napa – and it was really close in feeling,  but with about 100,000 fewer people, which was nice. We are defenitely considering moving there if things don’t work out for us in the SFBay area. People grew their own fruits and vegetables, in some areas every home had a fruit stand out front.

There were other kids there the whole time and I’m sad to say that Cali said hardly a word to anyone while we were there. Though she did “play” with the other kids in her own way. But she came back with some very undesirable learned behaviors. My daughter who use to be so well behaved now screams at the top of her lungs and throws little tantrums. She NEVER did this before and I’m not lying. She saw other kids doing it and now its going to take some spankings/time out to resolve these issues. Also, she wont stop talking now!! Her great grandmother would have paid cold hard cash to hear her say hi and give her a hug and a kiss, and she walks in the house and has barely stopped talking and giving hugs since. She even gave the dog more than his fair share of kisses and hugs.

We ate tons and tons of great food, we sat on the beach, on the 2nd to last day Cali decided she liked the water and actually went out in it, and spent lots of time hanging out with family, and got tons of advice on how to raise a child. .  

And now we’re back and back to trying to get everything together.

10 Days!

21 Jul

It seems like forever since I posted………. because it has been. Not that I haven’t been doing anything . Friday the 16th my husband and I went to a concert. We went to Jiffy Lube Live – I didn’t name it, to see Pepper, Offspring, and 311 !! It was awesome!  Pepper is a relatively new band ( you know only been around a few years) but not many people have heard of them, they’re kind of like Sublime lite, very enjoyable. After Pepper played we were standing outside talking to my friend Jordan when they walked by, we got them to sign a shirt, and our ticket stubs and we even got pics, but I look disgusting in them so they’re not going up! Mike wasn’t impressed with Offspring initially, he thought they were just older and going to be no fun ( he’s young  and I’m not, so naturally I was excited). But they won him over by the end. They did a great job.  

After Offspring came 311!! We’ve seen them in concert 5 times, even went to see them twice on our honeymoon, we’re not really as crazy at that sounds, it’s a long story. As always they were amazing. We were in the pit, it was packed and gross and although I took a dozen pics not a single one turned out well, so here are some bad pics: 

Doesn’t Nick look crazy in this pic?

We had a great time despite almost being crushed to death by the crowd. We spent a small fortune on shirts and drinks, but we had expected that. We won’t be doing anything like this anytime soon, so it was alright I suppose.

In a few weeks my husband is going to be leaving. He’s moving to the SF bay area to go to school. His semester begins Aug 18th.  We can’t afford to all move out there, so I’ll be staying in VA with my fam. The plan is that Mike and my little brother will move out there now and after 6 months will have a job and have found a suitable place for us to live so that Cali and I can join him. It’s going to be tough, the longest we’ve been separated since we started dating was 4 days, six months is going to be tough. I’m an Air Force brat, so I know about daddy’s going away for work/school. I know I’m not going to die but I’ve still been just living life like everything is normal. Also, I’ve been trying to find them a place to live using Craig’s list. But ( I don’t REALLY blame them) most people won’t rent to somebody they’ve never met. So it’s been difficult, they may just have to go out there and find a place which will suck.
    Also, in order to get our bills paid, I’m probably going to have to get a job. I have been unsuccessful in coming up with an at home business. I’ve been working on transcribing my father’s thesis that he wrote when I was a child. He’s hoping to add to it and maybe publish it. It’s already been referenced by anybody writing seriously on the subject of The Georgia Infantry during the civil war( so like 10 times hehe). As of right now though, at a rate of .50 a page I’m anticipating making about $53. A nice bump but not going to pay the bills.
   My brother is also writing a book and I’ve been working with him as an editor and all around advice giver. He’s writing a novel taking place in Germany during WW2. My brother tends to get bogged down in details where he doesn’t need them and neglecting them when they’re necessary, but try telling an author something like that everyday ” shrug*.
   So anyway, I’m in search of a job for the next 6 months. One thing I’m not looking forward to is the possibility of daycare……… THAT makes me want to cry. Maybe I’ll get a night job and never sleep.
   My blog is about creating huh? Well, I have made a few little skirts for my baby girl, however theyre dirty right now so once theyre out of the washing machine I’ll throw them on her and post some pics for your viewing enjoyment.

New Fabric!!!!

11 Jul

My birthday is coming up!! Since the World Cup is tomorrow and my husband is already taking Friday off so we can go to a concert, he couldn’t get off for my birthday, so we celebrated today! He woke up an hour earlier than usual ( since he works swing shift he doesn’t usually get up till 2) and he spent the whole day with Cali and I!! I went to the fabric store BY MYSELF and spent ( my husband claims an hour) calmly looking through the clearance section, strolling with my full cart through the aisles feeling all the fabrics, and day dreaming of what I could make. I left with :

  I also left with some threads but didn’t think you’d care if I didn’t include them in the pic. I’m thrilled, although I had gone with the absolute intent of getting a print with hot pink I didn’t find anything that I even liked in a pink, but I’m very happy with my finds. And since my husband has already fallen asleep from our full day ( which I will tell you more about in a sec) I might actually get to make some fancy skirts!!!!

After the fabric store we went and tried a Korean noodle place, there was one on Ocean Ave in SF that I enjoyed quite a lot. I havent been to one since, because my husband isn’t an adventurous eater . But hey it was my ” Birthday day” so we went.

 My husband doesn’t know how to take a picture to save my life, but anyway. I ordered rice noodle with beef and veggies, it was very good till it started cooling down, and then got very yucky very fast. Mike didn’t really enjoy his, and forgetting that he’d ordered his spicy, fed Cali a big fat carrot which resulted in some tears and hateful looks from a certain small person. We went to the grocery store where Cali got to push her own little cart which she loved. Then we tried to go and see Toy Story 3 ( not in 3D – we’re not that dumb). She did well for about an hour and then she did NOT want to sit anymore. The people at the Muvico customer service- I didn’t come up with that disgusting name which should be Movie Co. – were nice enough to give us passes so it wasnt a total $$ loss. We played a little soccer, came home and they both passed the F – OUT!! hehehe. It was a full day and I enjoyed it so much!! I can’t tell how you rare it is to have both of them at the same time for more than an hour at a time. So 7 hours was a dream come true. Ha!! What a long post, off to sew!! Love you all!!

July 3rd

4 Jul

In order to correctly commemorate the Independence of our country my father, a historical enthusiast, decided that he wanted to go and spend time going on a battlefield tour. Since my mother is currently out-of-town my little girl and I accompanied my father to Spotsylvania county Courthouse battlefield. It was warm when we were in the sun, but pretty nice other than that. The tour guide, attorney turned park ranger – no joke, had a large booming voice. He was informative and entertaining, and like I already mentioned there was no way you were gonna miss a word of what he said.

Cali did really well, but in true kid fashion after a few hours she was ready to go. We went home and my father and uncle attended at least another 4 hours of tours. I don’t know how they did it in the heat but hey, they had a good time. Did I forget to mention that the battlefields we toured had nothing to do with our fight for independence and were important points in the Civil War? Oh well. 

      In other news, I DID start the new dress last night. I read the directions 3 times, ironed my fabric, ironed my pattern pieces, pinned them, and cut them out. And then I spent 20 minutes looking for the interfacing. I gave up after noticing the time, and while straightening up, found the interfacing. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to get pretty far. I got the wrong size zipper so I’m debating whether to just use it or to go and exchange it, not sure if it matters. I’ve never put in a zipper before and I’m pretty sure I wont get to it tonight, so I’m not stressing. I’ll update once my baby goes to bed and give you some pics. More later.