Who am I?

Nobody important. I’m a stay- at- home mom with a 18 month old little girl.  I wish I was creative and crafty and all things worthwhile, and I’m working on it. I’m 27 years old, on a diet (I know, I’m unique like that) and love my little family. My goal is to raise an intelligent, funny, respectful, outgoing little girl and try to talk her daddy Mike into letting me have another hehehehe. Though he’s not keen on the idea due to the fact that our little girl is a mystery to him. If I could guarantee him a boy then he’d give it consideration.

  I like all type of music EXCEPT country which makes my skin crawl. I use to watch too much tv, then I decided I needed to unplug, and bought a sewing machine . I still love to watch though, I love Glee, Castle,  Bones,  Dexter, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Law & Order, Secret Diary of a Call Girl,The Pacific,TruBlood, and Project Runway. With a list like that how do I ever get anything done huh? I’ve got a DVR and I love it!! 

 My hubby works unusual hours so Cali and I get alot of alone time. I don’t have a ton of friends, but the ones I have are very special to me. When life gets hard I laugh harder and take really hot showers. I miss living in California and my husband and I hope to relocate out there eventually. At this point I can’t cut fabric straight I can’t even sew straight. You may ask -don’t sewing machines pull the fabric straight ?  My answer, yeah I’m pretty sure they do. And yet I still have trouble sewing a straight line. But I’m trying my best,this blog is just kind of a journal for myself and whoever else cares to read it, to keep track of my progress.


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