6 Sep

Its been nearly a year since I’ve been here. I’m ashamned. I’ve been going to school though. And raising my daughter whom I love more than air. I’ve got 11 more months of school ( eek!). We are currently in Pharmacology and I’ve got an A. I hardly think I will be able to maintain is but for now its very nice to be able to say so. And my daughter!!! She is growing and talking and is the reason I was born. For example :

She loves this ballerina doll I purchased from Etsy :o)

I’ve been doing some sewing between tests. I’ve made stethoscope covers and leg warmers. nothing too crazy or time-consuming. However, one of the lovely ladies whose blog I follow over at KUKYIDEAS.com ( hyperlink doesn’t want to work, my apologies) has joined in a sew along that looks almost to good to pass up. It requires me to get a book…… but other than having no money to spend on a sewing book, I think I’m going to join. Which means….. more posts from me!!! So hopefully I will see you more often in the near future.


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