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7 Sep

Today has seen a break in the insane and hot weather. And it magically feels like FALL and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been looking at Halloween decorations all day and costume/decorating ideas. Martha Stewart’s blog had some great pumpkins that you drill holes into and then fill the pumpkin with Christmas lights, which was gorgeous. I’d link it but it wasn’t there just now when I was looking for it, but here is a tiny pic of it :    I have found so many cool things in blogland recently I’m tickled, dunno why I was gone so long other than school, my daughter, my husband, my house.  See ya soon



6 Sep

Its been nearly a year since I’ve been here. I’m ashamned. I’ve been going to school though. And raising my daughter whom I love more than air. I’ve got 11 more months of school ( eek!). We are currently in Pharmacology and I’ve got an A. I hardly think I will be able to maintain is but for now its very nice to be able to say so. And my daughter!!! She is growing and talking and is the reason I was born. For example :

She loves this ballerina doll I purchased from Etsy :o)

I’ve been doing some sewing between tests. I’ve made stethoscope covers and leg warmers. nothing too crazy or time-consuming. However, one of the lovely ladies whose blog I follow over at ( hyperlink doesn’t want to work, my apologies) has joined in a sew along that looks almost to good to pass up. It requires me to get a book…… but other than having no money to spend on a sewing book, I think I’m going to join. Which means….. more posts from me!!! So hopefully I will see you more often in the near future.