1 Nov

This year for Halloween on top of being incredibly broke I was also incredibly busy. So Cali wore this:

A store bought pair of wings and tutu ( why a store bought tutu when I love making them so much?? They came as a set )

                                      And this: Her Christmas dress, when it got too cold to wear just tights.

I didn’t really dress up. Cali went on a quick     Trick or Treat around the cul-de-sac before she could freeze too much. And then she spent the night greeting all the other kids at the door saying what sounded like ” Bubble Tree” as trick or treat. She was very excited and very into the whole thing. She was sweet and only managed to steal 1 tiny SweetTart without us noticing.

The pumpkin that Cali picked and painted in the last post was transformed.

Apparently all of my pics are going to be all over this post and not where I would like them so please forgive me.  

I haven’t carved a pumpkin in forever so I was pretty happy with how it turned out. We toasted the pumpkin seeds and Cali loved munching on them. I was surprised, also reluctant to share lol.  

There have been so many things going on that I have to confess that Cali ( and I ) have been watching too much TV. We use to watch 1 hour of Sesame Street a day and that was it. And then I needed some study time so it got bumped to 2, and then I started turning it on in the morning, and now it stays on all day! I feel like a huge failure on the Limiting TV front. I hope to get back to the swing ( swing of hitting the OFF button) TODAY. I am making my Halloween resolution NOW lol. Less TV. Poor Kid, she wont know what hit her.


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