Better, Much Better

21 Sep

I’ve now started my 2nd week of class, and though it’s not as if class is getting any easier I’m adjusting. My wonderful incredible ridiculous child spends 4 nights a week with my parents and she loves it, as do they. In a perfect world I think I would spend my life having lots of babies, hire an Alice ( ala The Brady Bunch) and spend my life homeschooling and nurturing my children’s creativity, humor, self- esteem, and confidence. To make sure that they become happy, healthy, well adjusted adults, and not drains on society.

But that is in MY perfect world, in this one I have my wonderful little girl and….. I need to get my ass to work. 

 Tonight I need to make a vegan cake w/icing so the other girls and I can “margarine”  our teacher up ( get it? get it? she’s vegan and doesn’t eat butter? ).  Make another cake , one of the others girls’ birthday is tomorrow, do homework, finish this post, and get my ass to bed. We will see how much of that I get accomplished. Wish me luck!

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