Calamity Jane

17 Sep

Why is this post entitled Calamity Jane? Who knows. It was better than, oh woe is me. Which is how I feel right now. I need some hot chocolate and a big hug right now. 

Moving on, I have finished my first week of classes. Our class started with 8 people and we are down to 5 as of tonight. And those ladies that have flunked out already do NOT get their money back. I feel really bad for the latest one because she was genuinely trying. Our class is 4 hours long, then I spend almost that same amount of time studying and doing homework. We are tested for a grade every day. This is a no joke class.

I’ve been keeping sane by mentally planning my daughter’s birthday party that isn’t for 2 more months. With my husband being out of the picture I get free reign to do whatever I want without hearing the negative static. SO!!! We’re having a ballerina party!

Cali watched an episode of Chloe’s Closet where they dress up as ballerinas. She LOVES the ” Dancing Girls” and I am all for having a ballerina party!

 Since I have 0 ability to draw/sketch/paint/color/etc.,  I’ve asked N from Babalisme to design invitations and paper dolls!!! She is the creator of the WONDERFUL ADORABLE  Fairy Tale Paper dolls I posted about awhile ago. Her art is incredibly affordable, I would pay her double what she charges if I had the money!

So Kuky is planning her children’s birthday party and asking for suggestions. And I’m doing the same thing! Most of the little girls coming are going to be 2-4 so I’m not sure that we will really be doing any crafting. But if you have an idea that you think little girls can handle let me know! But especially any decorating ideas!!! I am all ears ladies! So far all I know is that everyone is wearing a tutu and getting little magnet/paper dolls as party favors. It is currently about 3 hours after my bedtime so goodnight and don’t be shy leave an idea Kuky got GREAT ideas right away for her ( cooler themed) pirate party.

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