5 Sep

Hey! I do have a project to show you! I made it right before I left for Michigan and didn’t tell you!

I used a tutorial from Samster , she’s got a GREAT blog!! I love all her tutorials, her love of glitter, her little girls are ADORABLE, and shes a real person, not a fakeo mommy blogger.

So anyway, she’s got a tutorial, I’m not gonna link to it cause I’m lazy ( keepin it real), but its for a butterfly mobile.

Here is mine:

hanging from my light fixture

 Mine is a little different because she had more butterflies which were made of paper. But I wanted sparkly ones, and I found these on clearance that came pre-sparkled and added some sparkly beads. I love it and so does Cali, she will lay on her bed and just oooh and ahh at it while it moves in the breeze created by the fan in her room. I forgot to mention I hung it over her bed and pray that it doesnt crash down on her head while she sleeps at night.  Oh I also added a little pink paint to a few of them to mix it up, I didnt really like it as much as I thought I would, but I certainly wasn’t going to redo it so THERE it is!! Our butterfly mobile!

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