2 Sep

You know, sometimes it happens that you go on vacation and by the time youre headed home, you are SO READY to be home? Cali and I had a great time but both of us are glad to be back.

My husband joined us for a few days and apparently I only got 1 picture of him, and its his back. Oh well. We spent lots of time with my husbands family, we were there for 12 days and he was there for 3.  The 4th day Cali and I went off with my father in law and we went to the Leelanau lighthouse. We hunted around for some Petosky stones ( stones with fossil imprints famous to the region). It was great to get out and see how pretty the area really is! I’ve spent some good years in Northern California and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tahoe/Carmel/Napa – and it was really close in feeling,  but with about 100,000 fewer people, which was nice. We are defenitely considering moving there if things don’t work out for us in the SFBay area. People grew their own fruits and vegetables, in some areas every home had a fruit stand out front.

There were other kids there the whole time and I’m sad to say that Cali said hardly a word to anyone while we were there. Though she did “play” with the other kids in her own way. But she came back with some very undesirable learned behaviors. My daughter who use to be so well behaved now screams at the top of her lungs and throws little tantrums. She NEVER did this before and I’m not lying. She saw other kids doing it and now its going to take some spankings/time out to resolve these issues. Also, she wont stop talking now!! Her great grandmother would have paid cold hard cash to hear her say hi and give her a hug and a kiss, and she walks in the house and has barely stopped talking and giving hugs since. She even gave the dog more than his fair share of kisses and hugs.

We ate tons and tons of great food, we sat on the beach, on the 2nd to last day Cali decided she liked the water and actually went out in it, and spent lots of time hanging out with family, and got tons of advice on how to raise a child. .  

And now we’re back and back to trying to get everything together.

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