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Better, Much Better

21 Sep

I’ve now started my 2nd week of class, and though it’s not as if class is getting any easier I’m adjusting. My wonderful incredible ridiculous child spends 4 nights a week with my parents and she loves it, as do they. In a perfect world I think I would spend my life having lots of babies, hire an Alice ( ala The Brady Bunch) and spend my life homeschooling and nurturing my children’s creativity, humor, self- esteem, and confidence. To make sure that they become happy, healthy, well adjusted adults, and not drains on society.

But that is in MY perfect world, in this one I have my wonderful little girl and….. I need to get my ass to work. 

 Tonight I need to make a vegan cake w/icing so the other girls and I can “margarine”  our teacher up ( get it? get it? she’s vegan and doesn’t eat butter? ).  Make another cake , one of the others girls’ birthday is tomorrow, do homework, finish this post, and get my ass to bed. We will see how much of that I get accomplished. Wish me luck!


Calamity Jane

17 Sep

Why is this post entitled Calamity Jane? Who knows. It was better than, oh woe is me. Which is how I feel right now. I need some hot chocolate and a big hug right now. 

Moving on, I have finished my first week of classes. Our class started with 8 people and we are down to 5 as of tonight. And those ladies that have flunked out already do NOT get their money back. I feel really bad for the latest one because she was genuinely trying. Our class is 4 hours long, then I spend almost that same amount of time studying and doing homework. We are tested for a grade every day. This is a no joke class.

I’ve been keeping sane by mentally planning my daughter’s birthday party that isn’t for 2 more months. With my husband being out of the picture I get free reign to do whatever I want without hearing the negative static. SO!!! We’re having a ballerina party!

Cali watched an episode of Chloe’s Closet where they dress up as ballerinas. She LOVES the ” Dancing Girls” and I am all for having a ballerina party!

 Since I have 0 ability to draw/sketch/paint/color/etc.,  I’ve asked N from Babalisme to design invitations and paper dolls!!! She is the creator of the WONDERFUL ADORABLE  Fairy Tale Paper dolls I posted about awhile ago. Her art is incredibly affordable, I would pay her double what she charges if I had the money!

So Kuky is planning her children’s birthday party and asking for suggestions. And I’m doing the same thing! Most of the little girls coming are going to be 2-4 so I’m not sure that we will really be doing any crafting. But if you have an idea that you think little girls can handle let me know! But especially any decorating ideas!!! I am all ears ladies! So far all I know is that everyone is wearing a tutu and getting little magnet/paper dolls as party favors. It is currently about 3 hours after my bedtime so goodnight and don’t be shy leave an idea Kuky got GREAT ideas right away for her ( cooler themed) pirate party.


11 Sep

As if my posts weren’t sporadic enough I recently ( Tuesday) decided to go to school. And I start MONDAY! I’m going to be a nurses aide til Cali gets a little older and I can go to real nursing school. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and when I finally decided they said we have a class starting NOW. So I jumped right in. I’m very exciting and feeling that at 28 maybe I’m going to be an adult after all. And that no matter what life is planning on throwing at me I will be able to support my daughter and myself.
And while I’m very excited about my step forward in life, the rest of my life.. is not so bright. Goodnight


5 Sep

Hey! I do have a project to show you! I made it right before I left for Michigan and didn’t tell you!

I used a tutorial from Samster , she’s got a GREAT blog!! I love all her tutorials, her love of glitter, her little girls are ADORABLE, and shes a real person, not a fakeo mommy blogger.

So anyway, she’s got a tutorial, I’m not gonna link to it cause I’m lazy ( keepin it real), but its for a butterfly mobile.

Here is mine:

hanging from my light fixture

 Mine is a little different because she had more butterflies which were made of paper. But I wanted sparkly ones, and I found these on clearance that came pre-sparkled and added some sparkly beads. I love it and so does Cali, she will lay on her bed and just oooh and ahh at it while it moves in the breeze created by the fan in her room. I forgot to mention I hung it over her bed and pray that it doesnt crash down on her head while she sleeps at night.  Oh I also added a little pink paint to a few of them to mix it up, I didnt really like it as much as I thought I would, but I certainly wasn’t going to redo it so THERE it is!! Our butterfly mobile!


5 Sep

Cali and I at the top of the monument for fallen soldiers


This has turned into All Adventures No Creating hasn’t it?! Oh well sorry, add your complaints to the comments ;oP .     

Today we went to Gettysburg. If you haven’t noticed, my family ( except my darling husband) is into history. Gettysburg was the site of a major win for the Union army during the civil war. It’s located in Pennsylvania but only about 1 hour north of DC.   

Here’s the part where a throw a bunch of pics from the trip up and maybe explain 2, so here you go :o)   

Cali on the drive , with her dino neck pillow. Which she normally hates to wear.At " The Devil's Den"


That castle is a monument to fallen soldiers


We saw a great movie about the war in the wonderful new visitor’s center with the cyclorama show it was very entertaining. We saw only about 200 monuments a plaques and the like of various historically significant things in and around the park. I learned a lot, and will probably forget it knowing my brain. I’d like to tell you more, but my midget is in need of her bed. So away I go.

p.s. I don’t know why this posted so strangely , will try to fix after bedtime.


2 Sep

You know, sometimes it happens that you go on vacation and by the time youre headed home, you are SO READY to be home? Cali and I had a great time but both of us are glad to be back.

My husband joined us for a few days and apparently I only got 1 picture of him, and its his back. Oh well. We spent lots of time with my husbands family, we were there for 12 days and he was there for 3.  The 4th day Cali and I went off with my father in law and we went to the Leelanau lighthouse. We hunted around for some Petosky stones ( stones with fossil imprints famous to the region). It was great to get out and see how pretty the area really is! I’ve spent some good years in Northern California and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tahoe/Carmel/Napa – and it was really close in feeling,  but with about 100,000 fewer people, which was nice. We are defenitely considering moving there if things don’t work out for us in the SFBay area. People grew their own fruits and vegetables, in some areas every home had a fruit stand out front.

There were other kids there the whole time and I’m sad to say that Cali said hardly a word to anyone while we were there. Though she did “play” with the other kids in her own way. But she came back with some very undesirable learned behaviors. My daughter who use to be so well behaved now screams at the top of her lungs and throws little tantrums. She NEVER did this before and I’m not lying. She saw other kids doing it and now its going to take some spankings/time out to resolve these issues. Also, she wont stop talking now!! Her great grandmother would have paid cold hard cash to hear her say hi and give her a hug and a kiss, and she walks in the house and has barely stopped talking and giving hugs since. She even gave the dog more than his fair share of kisses and hugs.

We ate tons and tons of great food, we sat on the beach, on the 2nd to last day Cali decided she liked the water and actually went out in it, and spent lots of time hanging out with family, and got tons of advice on how to raise a child. .  

And now we’re back and back to trying to get everything together.