New Fabric!!!!

11 Jul

My birthday is coming up!! Since the World Cup is tomorrow and my husband is already taking Friday off so we can go to a concert, he couldn’t get off for my birthday, so we celebrated today! He woke up an hour earlier than usual ( since he works swing shift he doesn’t usually get up till 2) and he spent the whole day with Cali and I!! I went to the fabric store BY MYSELF and spent ( my husband claims an hour) calmly looking through the clearance section, strolling with my full cart through the aisles feeling all the fabrics, and day dreaming of what I could make. I left with :

  I also left with some threads but didn’t think you’d care if I didn’t include them in the pic. I’m thrilled, although I had gone with the absolute intent of getting a print with hot pink I didn’t find anything that I even liked in a pink, but I’m very happy with my finds. And since my husband has already fallen asleep from our full day ( which I will tell you more about in a sec) I might actually get to make some fancy skirts!!!!

After the fabric store we went and tried a Korean noodle place, there was one on Ocean Ave in SF that I enjoyed quite a lot. I havent been to one since, because my husband isn’t an adventurous eater . But hey it was my ” Birthday day” so we went.

 My husband doesn’t know how to take a picture to save my life, but anyway. I ordered rice noodle with beef and veggies, it was very good till it started cooling down, and then got very yucky very fast. Mike didn’t really enjoy his, and forgetting that he’d ordered his spicy, fed Cali a big fat carrot which resulted in some tears and hateful looks from a certain small person. We went to the grocery store where Cali got to push her own little cart which she loved. Then we tried to go and see Toy Story 3 ( not in 3D – we’re not that dumb). She did well for about an hour and then she did NOT want to sit anymore. The people at the Muvico customer service- I didn’t come up with that disgusting name which should be Movie Co. – were nice enough to give us passes so it wasnt a total $$ loss. We played a little soccer, came home and they both passed the F – OUT!! hehehe. It was a full day and I enjoyed it so much!! I can’t tell how you rare it is to have both of them at the same time for more than an hour at a time. So 7 hours was a dream come true. Ha!! What a long post, off to sew!! Love you all!!

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