More fabric please!!!!!!

9 Jul

I sat down today during my daughter’s nap to make some fancy skirts 🙂 ! I was very pleased, I’ve wanted to do this for days and the universe/my daughter have been conspiring against me. I got down to work, cut out my fabric and looked at it…..and looked at it……….and looked at it. Everything was SO pink……… don’t get me wrong I LOVE pink on my baby………but I mean I had 5 different SOLID pinks from shiny, sparkly, tulle, cotton, satin, and another sheer one that I don’t know the name for. I need some prints, desperately, and the prints I do have don’t have enough material. The need to go to the fabric store is eating at me on the inside, but I have no car! 

Through a series of unfortunate events the carpool car that takes my husband to work got in 2 accidents in 3 days. The first actually caused by the tune up shops employee, and the second while parked in front of the house. These incidents have resulted in repairs that will take more than one week to fix! So my car was recruited, and although I agree that my husband going to work IS more important than me going to the fabric store I still am :(. Oh well…………. maybe there’s something on tv!

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