Success!!! Sort of

7 Jul

I FINALLY finished the dress for Cali!!! Like usual she wasnt the most willing model.  The chest area of the dress is very very big on her…….. but it doesn’t hurt anything and I can’t think of a way to alter it, so I guess its going to stay that way. I figured out my own way to put the zipper in because sewing it in closed didn’t work since it was a tiny dress.  I’m not sure whats up with me and stripes, but I love small little feminine stripes. I found a ruffle trim and used it to make uneven sleeve caps, not that you can tell from this pic, which is not an accident. I used some lace ribbon in the front. I think its pretty adorable and when its not 140 degrees outside I’ll put her in her bonnet and I’m sure it’ll be more impressive lol. As soon as my child goes down for a nap I’m going to be making some fancy skirts!! I’m impatient and she’s already about 2 hours late for her nap, and boy can you  tell.

 We went to Hancock fabrics last night, I don’t usually go there, even though it is closer. Its smaller, less organized, and generally a little more expensive. Except….. they were having a half off sale. Even at half off there weren’t really any fabrics that I wanted to pay for. Then I walked by the clearance which was 50% off the 50% off. I got spools of ribbons and stuff for 25cents and some remnants that will make perfect little skirt layers. I’m almost embarrased but also a little proud to admit that I made 3 trips to the register and spent $8 hehehe.

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