In the mean time

7 Jul

I’m sewing I swear I am. I am a zipper installation away from having a completed dress. I’m excited but also extremely intimidated by this zipper. I’m going to go to youtube and watch some tutorials I think.

 While I do that you should go over here : Jessica’s OhSoHappyTogether blog where she just did a tutorial for Natasha @ Samster Mommy’s Blog for a tutu like/ fancy skirt that is adorable. Jessica is great at refashioning clothing for her daughter ( and occasionally herself) and has been pretty inspirational in terms of making me realize you can just chop things up and sew them back together all you need is thread and some cojones.

  The Samster blog I only discovered yesterday due to Jessica’s guest appearance. But I’ve been reading ALOT and gazing longingly at her list of tutorials, that I wont even allow myself to click on until I’ve finished this dress and at least 1 skirt! Natasha is currently holding a tutu drive for The Alexa Foundation. In Jessica’s words, ” They take dress up clothes & match them with kids who are seriously ill so they can have a bit of fun & make-believe. A little something to put a smile on their face during such a hard time. Is that not the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard?!” . I’m going to link the Tutu drive on the right —–>

Ok, zippers. Wish me luck.

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