July 3rd

4 Jul

In order to correctly commemorate the Independence of our country my father, a historical enthusiast, decided that he wanted to go and spend time going on a battlefield tour. Since my mother is currently out-of-town my little girl and I accompanied my father to Spotsylvania county Courthouse battlefield. It was warm when we were in the sun, but pretty nice other than that. The tour guide, attorney turned park ranger – no joke, had a large booming voice. He was informative and entertaining, and like I already mentioned there was no way you were gonna miss a word of what he said.

Cali did really well, but in true kid fashion after a few hours she was ready to go. We went home and my father and uncle attended at least another 4 hours of tours. I don’t know how they did it in the heat but hey, they had a good time. Did I forget to mention that the battlefields we toured had nothing to do with our fight for independence and were important points in the Civil War? Oh well. 

      In other news, I DID start the new dress last night. I read the directions 3 times, ironed my fabric, ironed my pattern pieces, pinned them, and cut them out. And then I spent 20 minutes looking for the interfacing. I gave up after noticing the time, and while straightening up, found the interfacing. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to get pretty far. I got the wrong size zipper so I’m debating whether to just use it or to go and exchange it, not sure if it matters. I’ve never put in a zipper before and I’m pretty sure I wont get to it tonight, so I’m not stressing. I’ll update once my baby goes to bed and give you some pics. More later.

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