It’s about time!

1 Jul

So I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with my toille  As you can ( barely) see, the bunnies frolicking under giant trees is very light on a not white background. The thought that bothered me was – if I make a dress out of this she will never be able to wear it because I will never be able to find shoes that work. I still never really solved this. I was thinking about going with silver trims and stuff, that idea got thumbs downed more than I’m out of ideas.

So I went and bought more fabric!!!! Don’t tell my husband!  This is no simple stripe, the pink stripe you see is actually 2 thin pink stripes 2 thin white stripes and 1 wide pink stripe. It’s very cute.

The pattern I’m going to be using is  :

The pieces aren’t too hard, though I’m not sure what interfacing is or whatever . Dunno why there are tons of little arrows and triangles on the pattern, it looks kind of like a mess. As you can see, I’ve got some directions to read. So I’m hoping to be able to start cutting tonight, I’ve got all my pieces cut out. I wish I could figure out a way to save the pattern so I can use it for bigger sizes, since obviously she is going to keep growing, but as of yet I’ve had no epiphany. Wish me luck!

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