25 Jun

I have been in a funk, and sick. So I’ve been reading, I’ve read Earthly Joys by Phillipa Gregory, The Lord John books by Diana Gaboldon, and The White Queen also by Phillipa Gregory. I’m going to start on Virgin Earth next which is the sequel to Earthly Joys. My head feels like its disconnected from my body and my nose doesn’t work either. I am starting to feel the need to start sewing. I’ve got a few pillowcase dresses I’ve been wanting to make and after a month I still haven’t decided what to do. I bought 4 yards of toille when I saw it on sale. I love the toille the only problem is that it’s blue and a color that is somewhere between cream and white.  Which isn’t a problem except when it come to shoes…. I would NEVER be able to find shoes to match somewhere between white and cream. So I think I’ve decided to use silver accents buttons/trim and then get little silver ballet flats. Any other ideas??? I’ve considered making shoes to go with the dress, but I just dont think I’m talented enough.  No pictures on a blog jeezz…………

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