Busy day

25 May

Well, for some reason today I went and spent some money and had a great time!! Over the weekend I mentioned that I went around to the neighborhood yard sales, a few of the things I bought were a $5 easle and a $1 chair. Plus a bunch of other great stuff.

Cali didn't care if the paint job was unattractive.


The little chair has a mexican floral design on it, which I’m not in love with. So, I spray painted the chair white and made a little cushion.

 You can’t tell but I used a cotton toille with little blue bunnies. I would have taken a close up but my batteries died just as I was taking the picture, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say it’s freakin adorable. When I found it for $2 at Joanne’s I bought 3 yards. So although this might not be the best pic ever I am happy with the results.

  During our errands today we went to our local teacher’s supply store. I had imagined I would walk in and find all kinds of things like teaching aides and arts and craft kits, all kinds of stuff.  I’ll have to say I was VERY disappointed that they actually didn’t have alot of stuff. I managed to get a big roll of paper and we came home and got to work!

She used her slick stix, star stickers, and some colored pencils. Tonight after somebody goes to bed I’m going to make better crayons. * FYI- peeling the paper off the junky crayons is a pain in the ass. Incase you want to try it though- naked crayons in a muffin tin, 200 degrees, and like 10 mins. Make sure you brake them into more than 2 pieces, especially if they’re big. And watch your oven all ovens are not created equal.

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