22 May

I’m very tired ( It’s 3am) and very happy! I just finished a project that I decided to start this morning. My mother-in-laws birthday is coming up, not sure when. Don’t look at me like that its not my fault, we’ve been married a year now I don’t have it memorized yet and my husband doesn’t know.  So I decided that I was going to make her an apron and matching chef’s hat.

I think that these are items that people like to own/receive but don’t want to buy themselves. Plus who wouldn’t love a custom chef’s hat! Right!? I didn’t use a pattern just used an old ( older than me) apron as a template and went to town. And I’m very happy with the results.

  Here it is modeled by my friend Valerie. My mother-in-law is rather petite, and I’m hoping she will love it. Tomorrow I begin work on the chef’s hat, a tutorial from www.stardustshoes.blogspot.com . Hopefully that will go well, the whole sewing a circle thing is kind of worrying me hehehe. Ohwell, off to bed.

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