20 May

My little baby Cali is 18 months now and it’s getting to be that time when she is going to need a REAL bed (arg!). Since I don’t have the 45k to decorate from , I’m going to have to do it myself. We have a hand me down toddler bed that I’m painting. 



     The bed is made of mdf or something so I’m just going to spray paint it and hope it looks as good as I think it will. I’ve already sanded some wood glue off of it and now we’re just doing coat after coat of white. I don’t really think that it needs to be perfect I want to go for a “cottage” feel in her room. 


Going to be painted white



Needs to be cleaned and painted, I think I'm going to paint the tile also.Going to be painted white with roses


I’ve got a quilt that I bought a few months ago at the Antique show, I felt like a thief paying $40 for something so beautiful, which was worth so much more. However, I only HAD $40, so what’s a girl to do? I bought it and wait for the day that I can proudly display it in my little girl’s room. I’ve got a house shaped shadow box that was mine as a kid,as well as a doll and some figurines.  I’ve got a pint sized table and chair that I’m going to be painting white. Oh and some great prints of little girls in beautiful dresses. I’m looking for either a rocking chair or rocking horse to kind of go with my theme. Also, a simple but sweet toy chest. 

                            Any other suggestions on accessories or anything really, to get a cottage look inexpensively?? I’ve already scoped out the white sheets with eyelet detailing I want for her bed, though it doesn’t come in toddler size, so who knows. I’m thinking of making a bedskirt with the eyelet and then just buying white sheets, but we shall see. We are extremely strapped for cash at the moment, we’ve got big plans for the future that we’re saving for. After doing some thinking it occurred to me that toddler beds don’t have bedskirts……but mine will, I’ll just have to make it work 😉  .   

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