Crayola Twistable Slick-Stix A Review:

8 May

These things are awesome!!

 Cali is just entering the stage where she wants to color and color and color!! If I blink in the wrong directions shes grabbing crayons stealthily hid under sofas and dolls and coloring all over anything and everything. I’ve realized that its not as easy to find those big fatass crayons as I thought it would be. And those break just as often as the regular ones. They also melt to your car’s interior just like the other ones. Markers….. ugh….. I don’t think I’m a fan of those yet. Colored pencils have been ok, only had to worry about her poking her eye out once or twice.  So, we bout some Slick-Stix – they weren’t terribly expensive, and came in bright colors. If only they made an ultra girly color pack but oh well. The package said it may stain so Cali was put at her table on the deck in her diaper and she had at it!!

 It was awesome, they were big enough for her to hold and she didn’t have to press down to make them color. Anything that they did get on was wiped easily away with a wipe, face and glass table alike.  It was fun, Cali was giggling especially when scribbling over one of my excellently drawn flowers or dogs. 🙂 Pics later

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