Emergency rooms

5 May

So Cali has now had her first visit to the ER. She went from happy as a clam to not eating or drinking ( very not like her) with a fever in about an hours time. I gave her tylenol but when 1 1/2 hours had gone by with her fever rising to 101. My mom and I loaded up and headed to the hospital. The in-take nurse said that 101 wasn’t really considered high and then gave me a look that said he was going to humor me anyway and /i should be grateful. They took chest xrays and drew some blood. Then we sat around and sat around and sat around, 90mins  later they pulled us in to get a status check and found her temp to be 104. They gave her tylenol and put us next in line. The doctor came in and said she had a bronchial viral infection. He said though Cali was obviously miserable from a medical standpoint she wasn’t too bad, she had a fever, but she wasn’t dehydrated, and she was still as clingy as a tree sloth, which he said was a good sign. So he prescribed tylenol and ibuprofen to be given alternately every 3 hours and popsicles. When we came home she was in better spirits, drank a ton of juice and had strawberrys at 2:30 am. She fell asleep and has been for the past 7 hours or so. 

 24 hours later : Now I have officially reached motherhood, my shirt currently has – but is not limited to – baby drool, baby boogers, markers, and raspberry jelly. Cali was feeling much better this afternoon so we colored, which consisted of her being stripped down sat in front of some paper and then coloring all over herself and mommy (I’m over markers and will be looking for a substitute soon). Her daddy hasn’t seen this as of yet since I put clothes back on her before he got home.  Hopefully I’ll remember to take a pic before her bath tomorrow. My bed is calling my name.

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