Failures :/

4 May

I’m back!!! Not that anybody noticed I was gone. My husband and I went away for our first anniversary. I can;t tell you how awesome it was to be an adult that didn’t have a child clinging to them. The day we came back we also found out that my grandmother was coming for a visit sooner than expected. I still can’t get the smell of bleach to leave my nostrils. It sucks, its impossible to enjoy food. After sending my baby and my abuelita to bed I realized how negligent I’ve been of my blog so here I am!!!! Here’s what I’ve been working on. I bought these little camisoles the other day for my daughter. I brought them home and decided that they were adorable and that I should put some fabric along the bottom and make at least one of them a dress. I thought ooohhh….. a tutu dress I’m a genius!! Unfortunately it ended up looking like this :

  WOW it looks even worse in the pic than in real life. The band around the bottom of the shirt got all kinds of misshappen and unattractive. I don’t think there’s any saving it. I think I’m going to be taking the tulle off and making an actual tutu. We shall see. On the other hand you may remember this skirt:

  I decided to make a matching top. Using one of the tanks I purchased and failed to make a tutu dress out of. I like the way it turned out. I’ve been dreaming of making matching hair clips and maybe even little  mary janes. However, my little girl pulls clips out of her hair as fast as I can put them in and shoes….seem like a lot of work.

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