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31 May

I had some fabric left over after making my mother-in-laws apron/chef’s hat from a little bit ago. I decided to make an outfit for my daughter, I made an A line skirt and I embellished a white tank that I picked up at Old Navy.  

it's kind of hard to see the little caterpillar face on the right side of the skirt, thought I'd point it out.


I have the top of the skirt tucked oddly, my's kind of hard to see the little caterpillar face on the right side of the skirt, thought I'd point it out.


I think it turned out well, I’m going to put it on Cali in the morning, because, of course I work at night. She’s also been kind of sick…. so I haven’t had time to do mush of anything. The project I’m working on right now that I’m feeling horribly lost on is this:  

oh my Lloyd


I didn’t have a pattern for a wrap skirt or dress, so I took one that we already owned and traced it. And then cut up the paper and tried to use it as a pattern. I was a lot less successful than I’d expected to be. I’m still working on it, as you can see the bias tape isn’t done, and the sides are not sewn together. Hopefully it will turn out all right, I just need to do some meticulous hand sewing. Have I mentioned I’m not the most patient person?? Off to bed, wish me luck.



30 May

I didn’t plan on being gone this long!! I’m currently working on 2 projects, but I don’t have pics yet. I wanted to put some up from  The VARF. Varf…. doesn’t that sound nasty? I thought so anyway. While heading to the Renaissance Faire we were feeling lost in the sticks, and we saw a few rainbow-colored pieces of paper attached to stop sign posts and such. It took me probably 3 signs before I realized that VARF = Virginia Renaissance Faire.I’m a genius.  We had a nice time, it was hot, but not as hot as if we’d gone today. I didn’t take as many pics as I should have, but here are a few. 


Pirate Training course



We walked around 3 or 4 times in a couple of hours. It was only $8 per person and military got in free so it only cost $16 for 4 of us. I’d never been to a Ren Faire that had only 3 food tents. I got spoiled being in Northern California I suppose. There was no Sin on a stick, no orange ice cream in orange halves. No rides, 2 or 3 games. Fewer Celts and more pirates than I’ve ever seen before. 

      We had pork Sylvaki ( sp?)  that had a TON of fat on it…. ick.  We bought some “all natural” soaps that smell great, we bought Rum runner, lemon,and lavender. My father bought cigars and enjoyed them walking around the fair ( 3 paces behind us). We petted alpacas that looked sweet with their hair shorn, they had skeins of yarn available for sale that were incredibly soft and $15!! If I knew what I was doing maybe I would have invested in some incredible yarn, but I’ll stick with the less expensive stuff til then. I’ll get back on and add some of the projects I’m currently working on after my lil one goes to sleep. She’s been sick with a croupy cough at night which has left me with very limited sewing/blogging time.

awwhhh man.

26 May

My camera is dead 😦

Busy day

25 May

Well, for some reason today I went and spent some money and had a great time!! Over the weekend I mentioned that I went around to the neighborhood yard sales, a few of the things I bought were a $5 easle and a $1 chair. Plus a bunch of other great stuff.

Cali didn't care if the paint job was unattractive.


The little chair has a mexican floral design on it, which I’m not in love with. So, I spray painted the chair white and made a little cushion.

 You can’t tell but I used a cotton toille with little blue bunnies. I would have taken a close up but my batteries died just as I was taking the picture, so you’ll just have to trust me when I say it’s freakin adorable. When I found it for $2 at Joanne’s I bought 3 yards. So although this might not be the best pic ever I am happy with the results.

  During our errands today we went to our local teacher’s supply store. I had imagined I would walk in and find all kinds of things like teaching aides and arts and craft kits, all kinds of stuff.  I’ll have to say I was VERY disappointed that they actually didn’t have alot of stuff. I managed to get a big roll of paper and we came home and got to work!

She used her slick stix, star stickers, and some colored pencils. Tonight after somebody goes to bed I’m going to make better crayons. * FYI- peeling the paper off the junky crayons is a pain in the ass. Incase you want to try it though- naked crayons in a muffin tin, 200 degrees, and like 10 mins. Make sure you brake them into more than 2 pieces, especially if they’re big. And watch your oven all ovens are not created equal.

Check Mark

23 May

I am so done with sewing, for at least 24 hours. This one really challenged my beginner status. Like I reported in my last blog my mother-in-laws birthday is soon, so I decided to make an apron and a chef’s hat. The apron was not very challenging and was actually nice to sew. The chef’s hat….. how does one successfully sew in a circle?? I think it looks decent, but it would never pass for store made if you looked inside. but whatever, it’s a gift right?!

   My regular model has been asleep for hours at this point so Benjamin is filling in.

Also, I’ve got another project in the works that I’m VERY happy with. However, I won’t be able to finish it til monday at the earliest, we’re headed to the Richmond area tomorrow to visit my brother-in-law.


22 May

I’m very tired ( It’s 3am) and very happy! I just finished a project that I decided to start this morning. My mother-in-laws birthday is coming up, not sure when. Don’t look at me like that its not my fault, we’ve been married a year now I don’t have it memorized yet and my husband doesn’t know.  So I decided that I was going to make her an apron and matching chef’s hat.

I think that these are items that people like to own/receive but don’t want to buy themselves. Plus who wouldn’t love a custom chef’s hat! Right!? I didn’t use a pattern just used an old ( older than me) apron as a template and went to town. And I’m very happy with the results.

  Here it is modeled by my friend Valerie. My mother-in-law is rather petite, and I’m hoping she will love it. Tomorrow I begin work on the chef’s hat, a tutorial from . Hopefully that will go well, the whole sewing a circle thing is kind of worrying me hehehe. Ohwell, off to bed.


20 May

My little baby Cali is 18 months now and it’s getting to be that time when she is going to need a REAL bed (arg!). Since I don’t have the 45k to decorate from , I’m going to have to do it myself. We have a hand me down toddler bed that I’m painting. 



     The bed is made of mdf or something so I’m just going to spray paint it and hope it looks as good as I think it will. I’ve already sanded some wood glue off of it and now we’re just doing coat after coat of white. I don’t really think that it needs to be perfect I want to go for a “cottage” feel in her room. 


Going to be painted white



Needs to be cleaned and painted, I think I'm going to paint the tile also.Going to be painted white with roses


I’ve got a quilt that I bought a few months ago at the Antique show, I felt like a thief paying $40 for something so beautiful, which was worth so much more. However, I only HAD $40, so what’s a girl to do? I bought it and wait for the day that I can proudly display it in my little girl’s room. I’ve got a house shaped shadow box that was mine as a kid,as well as a doll and some figurines.  I’ve got a pint sized table and chair that I’m going to be painting white. Oh and some great prints of little girls in beautiful dresses. I’m looking for either a rocking chair or rocking horse to kind of go with my theme. Also, a simple but sweet toy chest. 

                            Any other suggestions on accessories or anything really, to get a cottage look inexpensively?? I’ve already scoped out the white sheets with eyelet detailing I want for her bed, though it doesn’t come in toddler size, so who knows. I’m thinking of making a bedskirt with the eyelet and then just buying white sheets, but we shall see. We are extremely strapped for cash at the moment, we’ve got big plans for the future that we’re saving for. After doing some thinking it occurred to me that toddler beds don’t have bedskirts……but mine will, I’ll just have to make it work 😉  .