26 Apr

Usually I sleep untill my little girl wakes up in the morning, not today, my brain woke me up at 830am and I couldnt rest. I got up and did all the last minute things to be able to leave on time. I made sure all the presents were wrapped, clothes ironed, presents loaded in car, diaper bag packed, etc. etc. . And then I waited…. my child did not want to wake up!! I finally went and woke her up at 1030!! What a slug. I woke her up, fed her, changed her, and threw her in the car. We left as on time as we ever are. It took us  about 1 1/2 hours to get to MD  to Kayla’s party. I didn’t take any pictures of the tutu I finished at 2am!! Maybe her mommy will send me some that I can update with later. I usually use the hand-tied method, but this time I took more time and sewed each of the 9 layers of tulle. I gathered them sewed them to the binding tape that I was using around the waistline and added a bow in the back! It turned out pretty cute ( not that I’m bragging, a tutu is not a Mona Lisa). Now we’re back, obviously, and I’m exhausted. My child took it upon herself to nap in the car each way and isn’t the least bit tired at 10pm. I’ll get back to you on the next project in the AM after I get some much-needed rest. Oh! Also, tomorrow is our 1 year wedding anniversary! Now to bed!

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