24 Apr

I didn’t get to post last night cause I was up to my elbows in sewing. I had brainstorms coming out of my ears. I loved it and couldn’t tear myself away. Tomorrow is my cousin’s daughter birthday party, 4 of us cousins are all close in age and all of us have daughter ranging from 3y-16months. I’ve been having a great time creating for all 4 babies, not just mine. So since we’re going I decided to whip something up for everyone. I made this one for Sami the fabric looked like her when I saw it in the store :

The material was longer than I needed for her dress but I didn’t have the heart to cut the pretty stripped part of the fabric, so I cut some of the green out of the middle and sewed the stripes back on.  I just made some pink straps out of some pink fabric from my stash and I made the “rosette” from some ribbon using :  . It looks a little wide laid out on our church pew, but I used standard 3t measurements so *shrug*. What I didn’t show you was how when I’d pinned the stiped fabric to the dress after cutting off the other 3 inches I pinned it backwards. After sewing it back inside out it took me 3x longer to rip out the stitches that it did to sew it in the first place. I also made one for the birthday girl Kayla who will also be receiving a tutu and a Dora flashlight. 

   Well, that certainly didn’t photograph well  ooops. But you get the drift. Ok, back to work. More later.

*Some names may have been changed to protect the identities of witnesses*

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