Tutus anyone?

23 Apr

Last night I showed my husband:  

My hubby on our honeymoon, almost a year ago.


 my new blog all full of pride, and my incredibly supportive hubby said  ” Only losers have blogs, sounds like you need a life.”  Oh so sad. No, we didn’t go to Krystals for our honeymoon, we went to Florida and I had us eat as many Krystals as possible before heading north. In other news, the bank account isn’t empty anymore so I’m going out shopping soon ( YYYAAYYYYY) to buy more tutu making stuff. I’m so excited. It is true that I don’t get out very often to spend time hanging out but this weekend there’s a little birthday party that Cali and I are going to and she WILL be wearing a tutu hehe doesn’t matter what the hubby says he’s not going.  So, we’re heading out and will put up tutu pics later this evening :).

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