22 Apr

I know your heart just jumped a little like it did when you heard UPDATE on Unsolved Mysteries.  The dress I’m making for little Maria is a simple pillowcase dress. I’ve handsewn a bunch of little buttons to trim it out instead of using rickrack which I believe is only acceptable on certain projects and in limited quantities. There is such a thing as being rickracked to death. " The Mona Lisa" I think it’s a fun fabric, not my most favorite ever. But I’m going to be making her older cousins dresses in floral fabrics which will be passed down to her eventually. So I’m not to bothered by the lack of pretty and prominence of fun. Starting friday AM I will be making a tutu for one of the other cousins whose birthday wish was a new one, after out growing her one from last year. I also made it out of really wide elastic ( what did I know?) that wasn’t the most fun – grow with me option. So this time thinner elastic and bright hues. I’m also gonna make a new one for Cali. She wore her other one probably twice. Her daddy always takes it off, says its dumb, and throws it back in the closet. But not this time, shes gonna wear it and I’m gonna like it hehe.

* Some names may have been changed to protect the identities of witnesses*

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