As promised

20 Apr

Here’s a post about the newest dress I’ve made for Cali. It was a silk juniors size small blouse that I saw at goodwill. I saw it and thought the very graphic design on it would make something amazing. And although less feminine than I usually dress my daughter, I immediately loved it. I didnt forsee the fact that once cut down to baby sized the print would look like a big face, but ohwell hehe I still love it. Since I didn’t take a pic of the before shirt ( who knows why) here is an artists rendering. By which I mean a doodle I made in paint that shows my lack of talent .

Who makes a dress for a 16 month old out of silk?? Only a fool like me :). I ripped the seams out of the sleeve and cut the fabric under the shirring. I sewed a french seam around the top of the fabric. I created finger sized pleats in the back of the dress and sewed it up. I cut the solid black silk of a sleeve to 10 inches and attached it to the front of the dress, as you’ll see in the after pic I should have only made it 8 inches, a mistake I still may fix. I then took the ties for the keyhole and made those the straps. I put a buttonhole in the back inside a pleat so that I can thread the ties through the back and tie a bow to keep the dress up. Here is my little model

  She always looks so happy in pictures doesn’t she? I’ve got a pic of her smiling around here somewhere, I should put it up. My model wasn’t feeling like letting me take a pic of the back, but its pleated with a black bow of course.  Some of the seams didn’t match up, if you’re a pro you already noticed. But oh well, I still love it. That’s all for now.

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